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Cheryl Kelly Scholarship

In honour of Cheryl Kelly, a Women’s Health Nurse and member who enlivened a passion for education, a gift that lasts a lifetime, Australian Women’s Health Nurse Association (AWHNA) provides, on application, funds annually to members to attend our professional education update or other professional development education, up to $1,000. Applications are assessed by the Executive and general committee at the next scheduled meeting.

This Pro forma follows AWHNA current Constitution (Revised June 2019) with reference to section 10.5 of 10 Miscellaneous

10.5 Sponsorship: The Association allocates a proportion of funds on a regular basis to support members in pursuing further education, according to the following guidelines:

  • Applicants must be financial members of the Association
  • Full and Associate members are equally eligible to apply for sponsorship
  • Applications should be in writing addressed to the President
  • Applications may be submitted any time
  • Sponsorship will be considered for attendance at conferences, workshops, seminars or short courses
  • The upper limited will be $500.00 per sponsorship for either category of membership
  • The total expended by the Association in any one financial year shall not exceed $1,000.00
  • This amount does not include any support given to a member to represent the Association at any forum upon the request of the Association or Executive Committee. A member’s entitlement to sponsorship is not affected by being invited to represent the Association at any forum
  • Members may only receive one sponsorship in any five-year period
  • Decisions regarding the granting of sponsorships may be made by a quorum of the Executive Committee
  • Members must undertake, as a condition of the sponsorship, to provide the Association with a short report up to 500 words of their activities, and within three months of receipt of the sponsorship. Priority will be given to applicants who submit an abstract or poster and/or personally present at the event
  • Applicants are required to disclose any other applications seeking sponsorship with other organisations to the Association with this application

On application, applicants will also be required to state the amount requested, what you hope to achieve as a result of attending this education, and submit (where possible) a copy of the education program they plan to attend, with AWHNA’s funding sponsorship.

For further information on how to apply for the scholarship, contact us at

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